Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Midterm presentation

Below is the workreel for my movie as it stands so far. The most notable changes from the previous presentation and the animation in the beginning and some dog animation in the middle of the film. I had planned on having a lot more done for this presentation, but I did lose a chunk of time working on my portfolio and other things, so I got just a little of the final animation finished. My original plan was to have all of my final animation done by the end of February but of course I can see that's impossible right now. I will of course make up for this in the future, but I need to make some adjustments to my schedule. I'll probably shoot to have most if not all animation done by mid-March, and of course the break will help a lot with getting that done and coloring some more backgrounds.

I really don't like the run cycle for the boy in the beginning, but I'll leave it as is for now, and if I have a little time at the end of the semester I'll work on it some more.

2/22/11 workreel update from Stacy K on Vimeo.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Some animation

Animation in the first two shots completed last week. The movement in the boy's run is a little jerky, and I might update it after I finish everything else. I feel like I'm still keeping pretty well to the schedule, although I will probably go over by a week or two in order to finish and color all the animation.

2/16 progress Update from Stacy K on Vimeo.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Rough animation

Over the past couple of weeks I have completed all the rough animation for my film. Several of the scenes still need to be worked out in terms of timing, I feel as if it is sometimes rushed, but if I extend several scenes even by a little bit, that will add more length to my film. I'm at two minutes nineteen seconds right now, and would not want to extend it any further. That said, I'll still add more frames where needed now that I'm starting cleanup. The last scene in this work reel is a pan that needs to be worked out, which is why the characters just walk off the screen.

Untitled from Stacy K on Vimeo.