Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Style sheets and cover art

Two style sheets for the characters of my short film. These will be updated with better turnarounds and more art in the future. The poster is going to be the cover of my production book for the film. I will tweak it in the future to change the font and decorative border, but I'm pretty happy with it for now. Next on the agenda are layouts and rough key animation.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Animatic, version one

First pass at the animatic for my movie, no sound yet. I slapped the storyboards together in Flash and added some movement in places. Can't say that I'm completely happy with it, but it's a starting point.

Gettings started

Hello and welcome to the blog for my Junior studio film, "Just Down the Road". It's a story about a boy and a dog and friendship. It will tentatively be animated in Flash with Photoshop backgrounds, and right now I'm looking at a length of a little over two minutes. More details to follow as I develop this.